Thierry Lasry eyeglasses at Couture Optique

Thierry Lasry Eyewear Collection

Thierry Lasry is a French designer born in Paris, who now lives in New York. As a VISIONARY, Thierry felt that craftsmanship and the renowned PARISIAN style mixed with groundbreaking designs would win over any women or man in search of honoring their strong self-identity. The way each piece is imagined and assembled is directly inspired by the LEGOS in which Thierry grew up playing with. The flat fronts give RETRO-INSPIRED SHAPES – a FUTURISTIC TWIST. Each Thierry Lasry Eyeglasses design features CLEAR LINES, GEOMETRICAL SHAPES AND SURPRISING COLOR.  Thierry Lasry juggles with the Ys at the end of each style name, SEXXXY, ORGASMY, WAVVVY, GAMBLY etc. as it is the letter found in both of the designers first and last names, and he considers each of his designs to be one of his « babies » … so choose to spice up the names of his creations with a touch of provocation.

Thierry Lasry Eyeglasses
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Thierry Lasry glasses
Thierry Lasry Eyeglasses at Couture Optique
Thierry Lasry Eyeglasses at Couture Optique
Thierry Lasry sunglasses at Couture Optique